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Sunday, April 25, 2010



30 Examples Of Great Slideshows In Web Design

Posted: 25 Apr 2010 03:57 AM PDT

A slideshow is a display of a series of chosen pictures, which is done for artistic or instructional purposes. One of the interesting trends today is representing the key information in slideshow presentation. There are many reasons to use a slideshow or image slider in your web designs as the key to smart strategic Web design is finding a smartest and interactive way to display your information to your visitors. Earlier, Sliders are very popular on home pages of corporate websites. Because of their value to websites, slideshows are placed in the most visible location of the page, and they can make a significant impact on the visitor's first impression. Also using sliders is very famous for portfolios these days as showcasing works in slides is very meaningful and attractive.

In this collection you will find a variety of highly creative, beautiful and inspirational slideshows. Hope you will produce some unique ideas for your next projects !

1. Agnarson

Alexander Agnarson is a web designer, his website contains a great slideshow powered with jQuery which contains his latest projects.

2. Boerdam

Boerdam includes a well designed image slider with an Ajax gallery preloader .

3. Copimaj

Copimaj is a design firm, they use a slideshow to display their portfolio in the home page.

4. Dconvulsions

Dconvulsions have a well designed slideshow displayed on a laptop which gives a good effect to the slider.

5. Envero

6. Estebanmunoz

7. Etondigital

Etondigital uses an image slider to show their featured projects.

8. Fullfat

Fullfat uses the popular Flash 3D image slider with great and amazing transition effects.

9. Graffino

Graffino uses the scrollable jQuery plugin nice buttons to navigate through the latest projects.

10. Graphik

11. Hellothemes

Hellothemes is a selling themes website, they use a jQuery powered slider to display their latest themes.

12. Hyperxlocal

Hyperxlocal has a well designed slideshow made with flash with a simple preloader.

13. Iconlicious

Iconlicious make use of the jQuery tools library equipped with an easing effect.

14. Kollektivdreinull

15. Kontoblick

Kontoblick has a well designed slideshow : looks like Copimaj’s one.

16. Launchmind

Launchmind uses a jQuery plugin, they use a content slider ( Slider that contains images and content ).

17. Marcsdesign

Marcsdesign uses a horizontal slider also known as Carousel.

18. Mint

Mint’s slideshow looks like Launchmind one, but this one uses the hovering effect to display the wanted section.

19. NineteenEightyFour

20. Puppetbrain

Puppetbrain has a classic slideshow made with Flash.

21. Ricoverdeo

Ricoverdeo has a well designed slideshow with great navigation options.

22. Sketchen

Sketchen uses an interesting jQuery approach to scroll smoothly to certain parts of the site.

23. Slicemachine

Slicemachine has a great hover effect animations to navigate through the site’s services.

24. Slidedeck

Slidedeck has a well designed accordion slider.

25. Squaredeye

26. Tearoundapp

Tearoundapp uses the jQuery animate techniques to create a simple and amazing slide effect.

27. Thingsthatarebrown

Thingsthatarebrown make use of simple jQuery slideshow with fading effect to display their featured projects.

28. Tracermedia

29. Utah-maps

Utah maps uses a creative flash animation to display some videos.

30. Winestore

Hope you enjoyed this collection and get inspired for coming projects. Feel free to add some comments if some other inspirational resources are missing.


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