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Friday, April 30, 2010



Best Tutorials From Web To Learn Photo Retouching

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 02:00 PM PDT

Preview-photoshop-ultimate-roundup-os-retouching-tutorialsRetouching is very neccesary if you're a photographer. It can be pretty fun if you just want to try it out as well. In this article there are collected newest and best retouching tutorials from the web. Of course there are a lot more outside, but I believe you don't need them all. You can find anything here from the basic skin smoothening with gaussian blur to complex picture part extracting from background.

Tutorials are sorted in categories, so there shouldn't be any problem finding the right one for you. I didn't create this article for you to scroll down 100 same, old, basic tutorials and just tweet them further. I created it for you to find something useful for you, acutally read it and learn something.


1. Retouching Skin Tutorial

Learn the basic things to do when you need to smoothen someon's skin a bit. If you aren't familiar with the art of retouching, you should take a quick look into this.


2. Superb Skin Airbrush Technique

This is pretty basic tutorial as well. If you didn't like the previous one, take a look into this and I'm pretty sure you will understand the basics of skin smoothening.


3. Skin Softening Tutorial – High/Low Pass

Video tutorial – learn how to smoothen skin tones, while retaining skin detail and texture using High Pass filter.

4.Create Action for Smooth Airbrushed Skin

In this tutorialyouwill seehow to create an action to use in your photos for simple retouching jobs using blurring techniques and grain filters.This is recommended only for beginners, because you can't replace retouching skills with an action.

5. Removing Skin Blemishes With The Spot Healing Brush

Learn how to ably use Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove blemishes and clear up ugly spot.


6. How to Get Perfect Skin

Litte bit more explained and advanced use of default retouching tools – Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, Gaussian Blur.


7. Soften Skin with Surface Blur

Another easy, fast way to smoothen skin. You will see the difference between Surface and Gaussian blur here. Ofcourse this blurring doesn't replace work with Healing Brush Tool, but it ain't so bad either.

Whole face

1. High-End Facial Retouching Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial that’ll teach you to make the necessary steps in high-end fashion/skin photo-retouching on all of your photographs.

2. Correcting Reflective Make-Up

This video tutorial shows you one way to address reflective make-up on a model or in a portrait.


3. High Quality Portrait Retouching

In this tutorial you'llbe demonstrated the level of editing that goes into removing any discrepancies in the skin.

4. De-Aging in Photoshop

See some of the common retouching tools in action.

5.Professional Photo Retouching Tutorial

Another tutorial to see retouching in action and learn something you didn't quote understand from writen tutorials.


1. Professional Hair Retouching

Learn not just how to change hair color, but also how to remove unwanted strands, work with shadows and highlights, boost image vividness.

2. Change Hair Color With Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to change the hair color easily with Photoshop. You can experiment yourself with color tones to achieve different outcomes.


Whole Photo

1. Professional Photographic Retouching Tutorial

In this video tutorialyou will be guidedinto acomplete, professional photographic retouching from start to finish. Additional to all the standart retouching techniques, you're also going to learn how to simulate realistic depth of field and how to enhance some photos areas.

2. How To Straighten Crooked Photos

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to learn a quick and easy way to straighten crooked photos.


Face Parts

1. Easy Digital Nose Job In Photoshop

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how incredibly easy it is to give someone a digital nose job.


2. How to Digitally Paint Lip Gloss

This tutorial demonstrates how to use digital painting with a drawing tablet to create the illusion of lip gloss on bare lips.


3. Face Shaping

Learn how to change the shape of nose, chin, lips, eyes etc using Warp and Liquify Tool.

Quick Tips

1. Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Learn how to quickly whiten teeth in Photoshop in just a couple of minutes.


2. Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop

Learn how to use Liquify Tool to remove overwightusing Photoshop.

3. Removing Makeup in Photoshop

Really easy tutorial showing you how to get rid of the needless make up using just Brush Tool.

4. Eye Make Up

Learn how to easily apply make up to eyes. You can use this technique to other face parts as well.

5. Retouch Eyes

Learn how to hightlight eyes, apply a bit of make up to make them look beautiful, not hyperbolic.


6. Dodge and Burn Tool Retouch

Learn how tu use Adjustment Layers, Dodge and Burn Tool to achieve similar result if you would used something like Healing Brush Tool.


8. Changing Eye Color

In this Photoshop photo retouching tutorial, we’ll learn a very simple technique for changing someone’s eye color in a photo using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. This is basiccly the most popular way to change the eye color. After you get more familiar with other Adjustment layers, you can experiment with them too.


9. How to Quickly and Effectively Clean Out Body Hair in Photoshop

Use Smudge Tool to quickly clean out body hair. This technique isn't nearly as good as Healing Brush Tool, but it can be a good time saver and sometimes the effect isn't so bad.


10. Applying a Realistic Tattoo

In this tutorial you willhave demonstrated an advanced technique to achieve a realistic tattoo.You will be using masks, adjustment layers, displacement maps, and several brushing skills will be applied.


11. Using The Red Eye Tool Non-Destructively

This photoshop tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop Red Eye Tool tool in a non-destructive way. You will alsosee you how to use the red eye tool to create a mask that you can use for any kind of red eye correction.


12. Healing Brushes

See how all of the Healing Toolswork.

Color Adjustments

1. Awesome Photorealistic Coloring Techniques


2. Fix Tone and Color with Levels In Photoshop

Learn how to use basic Photoshop Adjustments to make your photos look more professional.


3. Simple Focused Lighting Effect In Photoshop

In thistutorial, we’re going to look at how to bring focus and attention to a specific part of an image using a simple and easy to create lighting effect.


4. Advanced Color Correction Tutorial

In this tutorial you're going to learn how to use Curves adjustment with concrete Channel. It is a more sophisticated technique of removing unwanted color casts


5. Add Dynamic Lighting to a Flat Photograph

In this tutorial, you will seehow to spice up a fairly dull and flat photograph. It's very easy and fast. Go from flat photo to a uniquely lit style.


6. Using the Selective Color Adjustment

This is a tutorial on how to use the selective color adjustment layer in photoshop to optimize colors and tones in your photos.

Landscape Retouch

1. Retouch a Damaged Photograph

In this Photoshop tutorial we’re going to improve the quality of a landscape photograph. Learn how to reduce noise, fix damaged areas and use Adjustment layers.


2. Improve Colors of Your Photo

Learn really basic Adjustment Layer techniques to achieve good looking result.


3. Landscape Retouching and Editing in Photoshop

A video tutorial on how to retouch landscape photos; includes information on brightness adjustment, sharpening, noise reduction, proper flattening, and artifact removal.

4. Professional Sharpening For Landscape Images

Learn how tu use Smart SHarpen Filter and get the effect done with blending modes.


5. Enhance Photography

Enhance many aspects of your photography such as saturation, contrast, sharpening techniques and finish of the final presentation with an extremely slick border.

Extracting From Background

1. Selecting & Extracting Hair – Masking Tutorial

One of the most challenging montage or masking jobs in the profession of post-production editing is the hair lift. Learn how to extract hair from background with masking.


2. Background Replacement Tutorial

A tutorial showing you how to add backgrounds and textures to your existing images using Color Range and Layer Masks.

3. Advanced Selecting Hair

Watch step by step videohow to use channels to extract difficult image areas like hair.

4. Digging into Channels as an Extraction Tool

Learn how tu use channels as an extraction method. Again, the example is a portrait with hair in it, so you could see the power of this technique.


Further Resources

30 Trendy AJAX, jQuery And Image Galleries You May Like

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 04:00 AM PDT

One of the most important elements in successful portfolio is beautiful and unique image gallery catching eye with its sliding elements and great works. If you want to get the best impression you need to think about appearance the same way as you think about your portfolio works – you need to present and view them to grab attention, to show value!

Here you will find easy to customize and modern image galleries you can use for your own projects, portfolios and possibilities are endless here! You just need to put them in good use!

jQuery Most for these image galleries you’ll need to use latest JQuery. You can download it here.

1. Full screen image gallery using JQuery and Flickr

Full browser – screened image gallery. Easy and understandable. Features:

  • Flickr search using jQuery and JSON
  • Full screen with kept ratio using CSS only
  • A png raster to even out up-scaled jpegs
  • Thumbnails with loader indicator and a nice hover effect that shows a bigger thumb (or description)
  • A preloader loads the large images one by one for super-fast viewing
  • Fetches the biggest image from flickr using their API
  • Caption that can be turned on or off
  • Navigate by clicking on either half of the image, or use the thumbnails.

View Demo

2. Supresized image gallery


  • Resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio
  • Cycles Images/backgrounds via slideshow with transitions and preloading
  • Navigation controls allow for pause/play and forward/back

View DemoDownload Now

3. s3Slider jQuery plugin

This one is handy to put in portfolio header of index page. Self-image changing.

View DemoDownload Now

4. Nivo Slider


  • 9 unique transition effects
  • Simple clean & valid markup
  • Loads of settings to tweak
  • Built in directional and control navigation
  • Packed version only weighs 7kb
  • Supports linking images
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Free to use and abuse under the MIT license

View DemoDownload Now

5. jQueryGlobe – jQuery Plugin


  • Slick effect, no Flash needed
  • It's just 2K
  • Reusable on multiple containers
  • Cycles items via slideshow
  • Can be styled with custom HTML/CSS

View DemoDownload Now

6. jQuery LightBox Plugin 0.5

jQuery lightBox plugin is simple, elegant, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to overlay images on the current page through the power and flexibility of jQuery´s selector.  

View DemoDownload Now

7. jqFancyTransitions

jqFancyTransitions is easy-to-use jQuery plugin for displaying your photos as slideshow with fancy transition effects. 

View DemoDownload Now

8. Galleriffic


  • Smart image preloading after the page is loaded
  • Thumbnail navigation (with pagination)
  • jQuery.history plugin integration to support bookmark-friendly URLs per-image
  • Slideshow (with optional auto-updating url bookmarks)
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Events that allow for adding your own custom transition effects
  • API for controlling the gallery with custom controls
  • Support for image captions
  • Flexible configuration
  • Graceful degradation when javascript is not available
  • Support for multiple galleries per page

View DemoView JavaScript File

9. jQuery Image Scroller

View DemoDownload Now

10. Image Rotator

Image rotator is great way to display portfolio images, eCommerce product images, or even as an image gallery.  

View Demo

11. Simple Image Slide Show

Image Slide Show is one of the famous components in web design and development. A lot of the websites display news headlines in an image slide show to attract viewers attention, of course, with caption/excerpt. No doubt about it, this is a clever method not only to gain attentions, but it also makes the website more alive.

View DemoDownload Now

12. Apple style image slider

View DemoView Source

13. Easy slider 1.7

For this one it’s easy to set up your own options to image gallery.

Demos: Herehere and hereDownload Now

14. Circular Image Gallery

View DemoDownload Now

15. jQuery Image Strip

16. Coin Slider


  • Unique transition effects
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+
  • Valid markup
  • Flexible configuration
  • Auto slide
  • Navigation box
  • Lightweight (8kb only)
  • Linking images
  • Free to use under MIT licence
  • Fully customizable using CSS

View DemoDownload Now

17. Photo Gallery

View DemoView Source

18. AJAX Image Gallery powered by Slideflow

The photos and titles are read from an XML file, and the thumbnails are pre-generated using Photoshop actions.

View DemoDownload Now

19. slideViewer 1.2

SlideViewer is a lightweight (1.5Kb) jQuery plugin wich allows to instantly create an image gallery by writing

just few lines of HTML. SlideViewer checks for the number of images within your list, and dinamically creates a set of links to command (slide) you pictures. Also, clicking on each image will make the gallery slide to the next picture.

View DemoView JavaScript File

20. jQuery Before /After Plugin


  • Slick effect, no Flash needed
  • It's just 7K (4K compressed)
  • Reusable on multiple containers
  • Degradable. If the visitor doesn't have JavaScript they will still see both images.

View DemoDownload Now

21. Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider

There is a main content area, which slide from left to right each with different unique content. There is generally a set number of panels, but the code is written in such a way that adding or removing panels isn't a huge pain. There are links which act as navigation to quickly jump to any particular panel.

View DemoDownload Now

22. AnythingSlider


  • Slides are HTML Content (can be anything)
  • Next Slide / Previous Slide Arrows
  • Navigation tabs are built and added dynamically (any number of slides)
  • Optional custom function for formatting navigation text
  • Auto-playing (optional feature, can start playing or stopped)
  • Each slide has a hashtag (can link directly to specific slides)
  • Infinite/Continuous sliding (always slides in the direction you are going, even at “last” slide)
  • Multiple sliders allowable per-page (hashtags only work on first)
  • Pauses autoPlay on hover (option)
  • Link to specific slides from static text links

View Demo | Download Now


23. CU3ER The Free Flash 3D Image Slider

CU3ER, in a nutshell, is a .swf (flash) file, designed & developed for displaying images & slides in 3D way. It requires an XML configuration file in which the paths to the existing images and instructions (settings), necessary for handling those, are defined. This image slider is equipped with a great range of features that enhance the user's experience of viewing slides. They can be grouped together lining User Interface and 3D Transitions.

View DemoDownload

24. The Piecemaker XML Gallery

The Piecemaker, a 3D Flash image rotator gallery in the purest sense of the word. It's Open Source, so feel free to download it, use it in any project you like, learn from it, modify it and improve it if you can.  

View DemoDownload Now

25. SimpleViewer

SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image gallery. It allows you to display your images on any web page in a professional, intuitive and simple way.

View DemoDownload Now

26. Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery template for Picasa

This gallery is made just like real album in your hands! Isn’t that so exciting? This template is based on the free version of the FlashPageFlip flash engine on www.flashpageflip.com. It lacks the advanced functions of the commercial versions but still makes a very nice photo album on your website. You can see and hear the pages flip.  

View Demo

27. Polaroid Gallery

Polaroid Gallery is a free, opensource flash gallery.  

View DemoDownload Gallery NowDownload Flash File Now

28. TiltViewer

TiltViewer is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application.  

View DemoDownload Now

29. Flash Photo Gallery

The Flash version of AgileGallery is a free Flash photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa (a free download from google) and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any description entered in Picasa. It also includes a slideshow feature.

View DemoDownload Now


30. Cross Browser Multi-Page Photograph Gallery

This one is using CSS only – that means that there is no JavaScript. Based on the look of Suckerfish HoverLightbox, this one uses my multi-page layout system but includes images instead of text.

View DemoDownload Now


Page Flip Photo Gallery template for Picasa


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