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Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine

Collaboration Between Designers and Developers Reaches New Heights

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 08:08 AM PDT

Our friends from Mojo Themes introduced yesterday the very first collaboration program which will finally unite designers and developers! It's called Joint Forces and basically allows you to  collaborate with your favorite designer or programmer to offer the best template evah!

In Their Own Words

You Programming Ninjas and Design Rockstars have been clamoring for a way to collaborate and put out the hottest designs built on the best platforms.  WE LISTENED and starting today JOINT FORCES allows you to  COLLABORATE with your favorite designer  or programmer to offer the best solutions to the MOJO Nation.  And the really cool thing is that MOJO takes care of all the logistics for a seamless allocation that is defined by you and your joint development partner.  You and your partner control the process and MOJO makes it easy!

How it Works

After signing into your Mojo account, you will notice a new upload form that has been built custom for each category. Within each category you will see an area near the bottom  of the form where you can "Join Forces". The Joint Forces area has two required fields: (1) Your partners USERNAME and (2) their registered email. Something important to remember, the account that uploads the item is the manager of the partnership of that item.

More Details

For more details about the Mojo Themes template marketplace and about the new Joint Forces program, head over to their website, read the blog release, and follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

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Inkstrumental™ Special – 30 AMAZING iPhone Wallpapers

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 03:46 AM PDT

After 11 months, our friends from UsTwo™ are finally giving birth to the monster that is Inkstrumental™ – one of the most funny & entertaining apps that ever saw the touchscreen!!! The app will be out on Friday 7th but today we’re offering a super rare and limited edition set of iPhone & iPod Touch wallpapers prepared by the studio of dreams only for inspired readers. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the Appifesto – the Mobile App Bible written by Mills himself.


This uber cool game, coming on Friday 7th for iPhone and iPod touch, lets you create music by touching the characters, who each play a sound from a selection of weird and wonderful samples and noises. You can make different tunes by putting the characters in various sequences and touching them like a synthesizer keyboard. You will also be able to share your Inkstrumental™ creations with other users, and hear what inkstrumentalists™ around the globe have come up with.


Either choose from the selection below or DOWNLOAD the entire pack of 30 wallpapers RIGHT NOW!

More cool stuff™

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