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Tuesday, May 4, 2010



30+ Best Texture Tutorials for Photoshop

Posted: 04 May 2010 02:36 PM PDT

Making art or various designs will often require different textures. It can be that you need it for that extra grungy look or maybe you are trying to recreate a piece of denim for a logo. It can be very useful to be able to make your own textures in Photoshop. This way you get the exact effect you want, its customizable, no need to pay anyone for the use of it etc.
I’ve collected some of the best texture tutorials I know of and hope these will inspire! Enjoy! :)

1. Realistic denim texture

Denim, a rugged cotton twill textile has been around for a long time. The variations you can make to this are many. Check out the Bonus features at the end of this article as one of them features denim!

2. Create an Awesome Grass Texture in Photoshop

The texture of Grass can be used for many different designs, and also here the variations are many.

3. Realistic crumbled paper

The crumbled paper texture is a texture that always is popular. It’s a fairly easy one to get realistic and the uses are many; business cards, websites, brochures, flyers – you name it.

4. Military style

Military style textures are mainly popular for those who make artwork that features military machinery or personnel. But how about switching the colors around a bit? That way you get a versatile look that goes with anything.

5. Reptile/dragon scales

These cool and versatile scales can be made in any color combination you want. This can be used as an exotic part of a design or to actually be used as skin for a dragon, snake or dinosaur you’ve created.

6. Brushed Aluminium

This is a texture trying to recreate the look of the good old Mac Powerbook (g4). Nowadays many things do come with this finish, maybe it even could be cool for a web design or business-card?

7. Metal Mesh

To add an extra dose of industrial funk to your design this very easy-to-make texture is worth a try.

8. Rusty texture

Rusty textures are quite in in several types of design. They make great additions to so-called “grungy” looks.

9. Glass

There are many ways of recreating the look of glass. This way is probably one of the easier ones.

10. Canvas texture imitation

By adding a texture to a picture you have you can make it fit better into a design or even on your wall. In this tutorial you will learn to make a canvas texture that has hundreds and hundreds of uses.

11. Marble

Marble has many different uses, mainly building and sculpturing. Marble comes in several color combinations from the pure white, via red and green – to black. In this tutorial you will learn to make a green one but changing the color is very easy.

12.  Rock / stone

Rock can be made several ways. In this tutorial you will learn how to make it in a very quick way. Remember to try out different colors and settings to give it your own look and feel.

13.  Rusty Surface

This rusty surface is quite easy to make and looks pretty realistic too. Customizing colors and patterns can be done quickly as well.

14. Fabric folds

This texture is very versatile. Choose the color that fits your design and this can be anything from curtains to bed sheets. Tweak it a bit and it can even be just some sort of smooth abstract element.

15. Wood

Wood has always been popular to recreate in Photoshop, and it’s easier to get it realistic than you might think at first. This tutorial gives kind of a worn wooden look – great for many types of designs.

16. Wood (2)

This second wooden texture tutorial gives us a darker type of wood.

17. Leopard skin

An exotic skin texture that can be used for many different projects.

18. Fur

Another type of recreating fur. Easy to follow and customize.

19.  Grungy paper

By using the Photoshop texturizer filter, blend-modes and more you can create this grungy paper look. Perfect for everything from web design to birthday-invitations.

20. Leather

Leather hasn’t been the most popular texture for a while but I see it coming more and more back. Playing around with different colors gives you an interesting look to add to almost any design-project.

21. Diamond Plating

In this tutorial Corey Barker combines Photoshop and Illustrator to make a pretty cool diamond plating texture that can be used in many designs.

22. Metal “fence”

If you don’t have Illustrator or the skills to make texture #21, this is a more light versions of the same look. Play around with some settings and make your own metal.

23. Grungy Metal (+ a star)

Grungy is in, and if you don’t feel like making a rusty texture then maybe metal could be an option?

24. Lava Texture

This crazy looking texture can be used as lava or play around with settings for an abstract look.

25. Red slate tile

Recreate tiles in a house or use it for a design. This good old tutorial gives an interesting look.

26. Bubbles

An easy tutorial showing a texture that can be highly customized to fit many types of designs.

27. Cool stage curtain

This can be used as a background for your project or as part of it. A very well-explained tutorial with a professional look in the end. Takes a while to make compared to some of the others, but is definitely worth it.

28. Realistic sky

Adding some sky can be the extra it-factor needed to create a stunning piece of art/design.

29. Leaf texture

Leafs look quite interesting when you look closely. Here’s a tutorial on how to recreate that.

30. Fabric textures

We finish off with a tutorial that shows us how to easily create several different kinds of fabric. Remember that as easy as they may look it will only require minor adjustments and colorization to get completely new results. This means endless variations!

Those were the 30 texture tutorials I had found for you this time, I hope you enjoyed them!

Finally, here are some cool tutorials related to textures:

Portfolio Layout created with jeans texture

Create an eye-catching portfolio using jeans texture. Download the provided texture or use your own that you’ve made earlier in this round-up :)

Paper Texture from Scratch + Create a Grungy Web Design with it!

Using textures and grungy looks in web designs is quite popular. In this high quality tutorial you will first learn how to create paper (from scratch) followed by making a web design where it’s implemented. Great fun!

How to Turn a Texture into a Seamlessly Tiled Background

Here you will learn some tricks on how to turn your textures into seamlessly tileable background. It’s good to have that in your toolbox, – especially for making backgrounds for your designs.

And that was it for now. I hope you learned a couple of new things, good luck with creating your own textures. Always remember to play around with settings and colors, – maybe you’ll come up with something unique!

65 Free Premium Like Mini Pixel Fonts

Posted: 04 May 2010 04:00 AM PDT

Preview-free-pixel-fonts This article brings you back to classic values. If you're tired of all those grunge, sleek new fonts, go back and check out these simple pixel fonts. Pixel fonts come in handy, when you need to write really small, solid, easy readable text.

Those all fonts may seem pretty similar with each other, but they're actually not, notice little pixelation differences and choose your best pick suitable for your projects.

1. Advocut


2. Technicality


3. Aux DotBitC


4. Pixel Berry


5. Pixelation


6. Visitor TT2 BRK


7. Bitdust Two bitdust-two-free-pixel-fonts

8. Bit Low bit-low-free-pixel-fonts

9. Bit Trip 7 bit-trip-7-free-pixel-fonts

10. Bit Light 10


11. Bit Cheese 10


12. Bit Darling 10


13. Bit Daylong 11


14. FFF Harmony


15. Apple


16. Pixel Mix


17. PF Tempesta Seven


18. Redensek


19. C&C Red Alert


20. Large 9


21. Wendy


22. Nokia Cellphone FC


23. PF Ronda Seven


24. Unborn Editrion


25. RuneScape UF


26. Acknowledge


27. Alterebro Pixel


28. Retro Rescued


29. Pixel Arial 11


30. Uni 05


31. 00 Starmap Truetype


32. Proggy Fonts


33. Free Fonts by Cal Henderson


34. Free Fonts by Yusuke Kamiyamane


35. Charriot


36. Victor’s Pixel Font


37. Haeccity


38. YoungDantes


39. Silky Wonderland


40. Pixel Art Font


41. Skinny


42. Fuzzball Fury


43. bQUBIK


44. Ants on a Log


45. Dysfunction Circuit Caps


46. Minimal 5


47. Sample


48. Semplice Pixelfonts


49. Pixel Punch


50. Double Oh One


51. Visitor TT1


52. Silkscreen


53. Harry


54. Cubic Five


55. Deluxe Font


56.  Sevenet 7


57.  PF Tempesta Five


58. Type Writer


59. Pixel Ex


60. FFF Access


61. Dapixelfonts


62. 04B


63. HaxrCorp S8


64. Levi Windows


65. Wellbutrin



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