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Sunday, June 20, 2010



Get Inspired: 35+ Warm VS Cool Color Website Designs

Posted: 20 Jun 2010 03:00 AM PDT

A website resembles the identity of a company, a certain community, or even a person. Thousands of websites live out there on the internet these days, and their number increase every single second. Many of us realize how important a website can be, therefore the design for every website has to be unique, and more importantly has to have the right feel to it.

As a designer, we know how to play around with illustrations, typeface, and colors. I’m not going to get in too deep with illustrations or typeface, in this post but color. Some people classify websites from dark to bright website designs. Others classify them into minimalist and content heavy designs. But now let’s see website designs in the new perspective, in warm and cool colors.

Warm Color Website Designs

Hues from red through yellow, browns and tans are categorized as warm color. Other than keeping the same color of an identity on the website scheme, this warm color gives a few associations like energy, cheerful, fun, fresh, active, playful and happiness. This color scheme fits very well on sport related website, a website with kids or the youth as their audience, alcohol drinks website, or other website which wants to welcome their readers with warm feelings.

1. Some Web by Fedrick

2. Zuzanka Kindergarten by Neilan

3. Yabazz Website by Ee Venn Soh

4.Airport Taxi

5. Termobravo by Pawel Linard

6. Canvas Card Website by Ryan Barlin

7. A RemStroy by IndieStudio

8. Balparmak by Gdnz

9. Fanta by Diogo Parrinha

10. Canderel by Cenk Yilmaz

11. Telecine by Letícia Motta

12. Johnnie Wallker Red Label by Sasha Nilov

13. Imago by JK89

14. Fat Duo Brasil by Baia Studio

15. Bubbaloo Tuboo Connect by Carolina Janovik

16. Kizlar Cognac

17. Vigonne Producoes – Site (2008) by Diogo Montes

Cool Color Website Designs

The cool color are hues from blue green through blue violet, and most grays. The feel of which you will achieve by using this color are relaxing, calm, and focus. Though in certain cases like blue and green could also give you the fresh feel as it is associated with water, sky, and the green grass. In most cases, companies often use this color scheme and applied it on their website design, others applied it to create calm atmosphere for their visitor.

18. WordPress – IcePress Theme by Detrans

19. Sense-design ver 1 by Webdesigner1921

20. Eye for Art by ECP-Pro

21. Personal Portfolio 2.0 by Jonaska

22. Yakovae by Osec

23. EPSON: Exceed Your Vision by Warbiee

24. Ave by MehrD64

25. 2NdFriend

26. Skype

27. Pocari Sweat by Foxstep

28. Twitter Alerts

29. Sanimix by Marcel Pirosca

30. C&C by Igor Barazzetti

31. Carlsberg

32. Our Green Trail by Chad Portas

33. Citrus Marketing Website by Elshafto

34. Tree Nursery by OakmE

35. Intrace Portfolio by MrZielko

36. Beauty Sallon

37. Wonderland Photography by Zee7

Let us know which one get your attention and what feel does it give you when you’re looking at it. And if you have other warm or cool color website designs which you would like to share with us, tell us in the comment section.


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