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Tuesday, June 22, 2010



14 Design Deviantart Groups To Get You Inspired Daily

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 02:00 PM PDT

preview-best-deviantart-groups-you-should-watchSince deviantART's new group platform release, the groups have become very popular. With groups you can connect with deviants who share similar interests and passions, and enhance your deviantART community as well.

There are lot of specific art type groups waiting for you to join so I am sure you won’t be left disappointed here. This article will cover mostly web design groups and some of their best works showcased there.

1. 1stwebdesigner

This is 1stwebdesigner's group in Deviantart. It's sharing best web designs, photo manipulations, free resources and some other stuff available around Deviantart community.

  • Founded: Jan 20, 2010
  • Group Focus: Art Collection
  • 859 Members
  • 1,024 Watchers
  • 17,701 Pageviews

INOVA art & design by tupa169


MynGee by hNsM


Majestic Stylz by BboyWicked


The Journey by Andrea Andrade


2. DevWebdesign


"The Deviant Art Webdesign Group is a group for those of us, who understands to appreciate the webdesign here on Deviantart. The purpose with this group is to gather all the most talented and passionate web designers, but also those who just loves to look, share and give feedback on other people’s art. We will share opinions on the latest webdesign trends, share useful and relevant resources, and simply have a nice time! On behalf of the group, and its staff – I can say that I am looking forward to see you all in here."

  • Founded: Dec 4, 2009
  • Group Focus: Art Creation
  • 2,174 Members
    2,852 Watchers
    58,691 Pageviews

Anubis by Vladimir Krajčovič


Joomla Template Soccer Style by Prince Pal


Marlin Furniture by Waseem Arshad


Xeed by Csaba Nagy


3. Artist Union


Artist Union focus to collect some great web design artworks and


  • Founded: Nov 25, 2006
  • Group Focus: Art Collection
  • 2,174 Members
  • 2,852 Watchers
  • 58,686 Pageviews

Colone Portfolio by h1xndesign


Eastern Drilling Services by Nasir Wadood


Logos by RC-man-Design


4. TypolaTypola-best-deviantart-groups-you-should-watch

Here you can find lot of great typography and logo works.

  • Founded: Dec 23, 2009
  • Group Focus: Art Creation
  • 2,174 Members
  • 2,852 Watchers
  • 58,686 Pageviews

Solgas Font by weknow


Is It Ok To Be Me by SkipDesign


Lancrecomm Logotest by ivfromlv


5. Designers CouchDesigners-couch-best-deviantart-groups-you-should-watch

A group established to embrace creativity through inspiration, encouraging designers to network with fellow creatives and share their knowledge of design. This is http://designerscouch.org/ group.

  • Founded: Aug 19, 2005
  • Group Focus: Art Creation
  • 117 Members
  • 4,529 Watchers
  • 738,664 Pageviews

Szpital by Joanna Ostafin


Endora Promotion Layout by Jasmin Halkic


Thinktank Logo by Alexander Jones


UHR Web Design by Nicolas Soret


6. RevolutionWebdesignRevolution-web-design-best-deviantart-groups-you-should-watch

Revolution Webdesign is a group which concentrates on webdesign. Everybody is allowed to show his works in our gallery for more attention. Our Gallery contains three parts; Web Interfaces, Logo & Logotypes and Resources for webdesign. And we make contests for the best Logo and Webdesign of the week. Everybody can join our group and can add some works in our gallery and can propose favourites, when we accept this. You can follow this group on Twitter.

  • Founded: Jan 10, 2010
  • Group Focus: Webdesign
  • 233 Members

    306 Watchers

    2,898 Pageviews

96 Artist Magazine by Joanna Ostafin


Chaarmant by xXxadO


Folio Wordpress Blog by Design Resource


7. Good Logo


"This group is focused on fantastic logos. We welcome logo lovers and creators to join the group or simply watch our feeds. We are unlike most other groups, in that all entries go through a rigorous judging process. We’re not interested in filling our gallery with as many pieces of possible, so much as we are interested in only showcasing the best collection of logos available on deviantART."

  • Founded: Jan 21, 2010
  • Group Focus: Art Collection
  • 236 Members

    425 Watchers

    6,350 Pageviews

Compadre's Coffee by inkfrost


Eat To Cure by entz


Hothead by Ryan Ford


8. LancreComm


LancreComm covers almost all types of art and you can find a lot of great inspiration here.

  • Founded: Dec 9, 2009
  • Group Focus: Art Creation
  • 410 Members

    480 Watchers

    7,825 Pageviews

Business 'n' Co by Torsten85


Warecom Business Card by Eduardo Garcia


When Love Takes Over by Dean-Site


Copyright by kiwie


9. Design Spot


"I founded this group because I wanted to create a really elite group about web/logo design. The reason is simple, there are some groups wich have great and good designers as members but also some designers who just started to do something with Photoshop. Thats not bad but it ends every time with an Submission spamming of non-quality designs.

Here everyone is allowed to join, but also this will be a group filled with high-quality designs. That means this group wont accept any Submission wich are under the average quality."

  • Founded: Dec 5, 2009
  • Group Focus: Art Collection
  • 404 Members

    559 Watchers

    7,044 Pageviews

Mobile Soup by Jesper Dahlqvist


Portfolio Design by Crazy Clouds


Ambition Wordpress by DDStudios


Mailbox icon by Raphael Urbanski


10. Interface SPACE

interfaceSPACE is an artistic group which covers the whole Designs and Interfaces category. They submit the best designs from our members in to our gallery and post a news article every month on the best designs in the community.

interfaceSPACE also will inform you on all the projects, contests or general happenings in the community. They host chat events such as critique nights and triva’s.

  • Founded: Nov 8, 2009
  • Group Focus: Art Collection
  • 395 Members

    515 Watchers

    9,640 Pageviews

Mfolio Design by SaturnDesigns


Idyll Ads by Nicolas Soret


Xbox 360 .psd by Alex Gillis


11. Digital Art Club

"Our group is focused on digital media – digital painting and drawing, photomanipulation, vector & vexel, pixel art and everything else that fits into digital gallery."

  • Founded: Nov 26, 2007
  • Group Focus: Art Creation
  • 4,191 Members

    5,213 Watchers

    106,823 Pageviews

The Exupery’s Flight by Ruslan Kadiev


Carmina Burana by WhatIfItAllWouldEnd


Rebirth Of Earth by Gerbren


Arrogance by Josh Janusch


Aurora Borealis by titusboy25


12. Wallpaper Lounge

The Wallpaper Lounge is the central location for wallpaper artists and fans. Featuring wallpapers, resources, tutorials, and expertise Wallpaper-Lounge is the place to be for deviants who support walls.

  • Founded: Jul 3, 2008
  • Group Focus: Wallpapers
  • 322 Members

    497 Watchers

    13,123 Pageviews

The Rising Sun by Mac002


Elevation by casperium


Blur by Salman Arif


Distraction by mpk


13. FrespirationFrespiration-best-deviantart-groups-you-should-watch

It's time for you to share your collection to the world! Frespiration is a new monthly online graphic design collections. Illustration, typeface, photography, web design, print media, advertising, etc, you name it. As long it is still related to the big tree of graphic design, everyone is welcome to join and submit your artwork(s).

  • Founded: Jan 7, 2010
  • Group Focus: Art Collection
  • 142 Members

    167 Watchers

    2,019 Pageviews

Magazine And Blog Template by Matthew Reilly


DzineStudio by askdzigner


Imac Icons by Leslie Nayibe


14. Graphic And Web Design

"Our goal is to share the best from the world of professional design. Logos, branding, print, web design, apparel graphics, etc. As well as best business practices and advice on how to successfully make it in the design industry."

  • Founded: Jan 13, 2010
  • Group Focus: Common Interest
  • 115 Members

    140 Watchers

    1,546 Pageviews

Vcard by Sserpyc


LimoTaxi by Viktor Kotschy


Jakob Metzger Logo by Jakob Metzger


Secure Yourself: Backup Solutions for Designers and Developers

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 03:00 AM PDT

Nowadays every thing is digital – whether it’s your photos, music or any other personal and business documents, everything is stored on the digital media, it’s our present and definitely it’s future!

Apart from its advantages it has several disadvantages too and we will look at pros and cons right here to provide you with solution!

Some main risks to important data are:

  • Technical Malfunction or Error
  • Catastrophic Events
  • Espionage or Sabotage

These risks can be avoided by taking regular backups. Taking backup is a main principle of data security. You have two options for backup purpose, one is remote backup and the other is online backup. Using remote backups you still got many problems and risks to your data, you have to use lock safes, strong boxes, or other security measures to make them secure.

This is the reason we prefer online backup rather than remote. By using an online backup service you can secure your data with a very little cost as compared to the cost you would have to bear for the security of remote backup.

This method is also very fast, setup and installation process is a matter of downloading a software and just install it. You can easily search the data you want to recover: you don’t have to go through a whole bunch of cabinets to find your desired backed up data.

So looking at the importance of the online backup, today we have covered top 5 services which provide backing up services at very low-cost and offer very admiring services.

1. DropBox

Quick Look:

  • File Sync
  • File Sharing
  • Online Backup
  • Web Access to all data
  • Mobile Device Access
  • 2GB Free, Paid packages starts from $9.99 / month

Dropbox is all in one tool for Online backup, File sync and File sharing and my personal choice. Unlike other applications which only sync files or put file online or tackle only backup, Dropbox is an application which provides all of these features in the single application.


Using File Sync feature of Dropbox you get 2GB of online storage for free which is to be increased to 100GB by getting pro plans. You can sync any type of file or of any size. With support of Windows, Mac and Linux applications it is the most comprehensive solution so far. Following is the chart of its cost and space provided.

After installing the Dropbox, these will be a folder in you're "My Documents" named "My Dropbox". Any file copied or moved in that folder will be uploaded to the servers of Dropbox and will be synchronized, and your can also access them from any computer from with Dropbox installed and from the Dropbox website using your username and password. N ow instead of using emails for sending some files you can use Dropbox which makes the process of transferring files very easy and unproblematic. If you can large number of files which you have to send to clients or coworkers then simply add them in public folder, copy the link which is publically accessible, give it to your co-workers or clients and you can have them download the files and documents. You can also make shared folders and invite other people to view the content which make Dropbox perfect for large business organizations with large number of employees.

Photo Gallery

Another great feature of Dropbox is built-in Photo Gallery. You can drag the photos in "Photos" folder and they will be available online for viewing in Photo Gallery of your Dropbox.

Dropbox also supports iPhone, iPad and Android based devices which is most important thing nowadays. You can access your Dropbox, view files and folders, download files, take photos and videos and sync them to your Dropbox, share links to files and export your files to other applications using these applications for your mobile devices. In the end we would like to say that Dropbox is 1st priority if you want to have Online backup solution because of its diversified features. Some may think it is bit expensive but we say if we account its performance and services then it is not much expensive. We use DropBox here on 1WD and we highly recommend it to you.:)

2. Mozy

Quick Look:

  • Safest Backup service
  • Unlimited space
  • 100% automatic
  • Staring from $4.95 / month

Mozy is the second backup storage solution that we are reviewing. In security Mozy gets a perfect score. It is considered as the most secure online data backup service as Mozy use 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure it is not intercepted. It also uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption to prevent someone from getting to your data on the Mozy's servers. MozyPro also uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, making it the most secure service of online storage and backup solution.

Mozy uses different levels of security and privacy policies to get you data secured. Using Mozy you can get very large amount of control over what kind of backups should be taken and when. You can set up these setting once and then the rest is duty of Mozy. You can set automatic backups and choose to upload your important files on daily or weekly basis. You can also manage the memory usage of the Mozy which will help you to avoid your computer being slowed down. You can download your file and documents from any computer without installing the application on that specific computer. After the initial backup, Mozy only backs up new or changed portions of files, saving bandwidth and ensuring future backups are super fast. It automatically recommends important files to back up, you can select or deselect from them. You can also create a schedule as to when you want your backups to be performed.


It provides two plans, one is MozyHome and other is MozyPro. Following are the pricing of both the MozyHome and MozyPro.

MozyHome Price

MozyPro Price

Mozy supports Windows and Mac but it do not supports any mobile devices like iPhone or Android, while other services have specially designed applications for this purpose. We think it is computer backup services that's y they didn't added this feature but in coming 2 or 3 years this feature will be compulsory and to remain in the market, Mozy should focus on that loophole. Mozy is best choice for people who want extreme security of their data in a low price. This was designed as backup services but now it is 1 of the best online storage of your files with very co-operative help and support department. It has very easy to use interface. In short, Mozy is a best service for backup solution.

3. Carbonite

Quick Look

  • Unlimited Backup Capacity
  • Completely Automatic
  • Secure and Encrypted
  • Easy File Recovery

Carbonite is very easy to use and installs quickly. After installation you can choose automatic process for storing only your desired files. Selecting a file for backup is extremely easy, you just right-click a file then select Carbonite and it will automatically store to the service for you.

Carbonite backup service encrypts your data twice on your computer and then stores them encrypted on their secured data servers, making them virtually impossible to be misused. Carbonite offers unlimited storage space, automatic scheduled backups, remote access to your files and much more. You can restore your stored files from anywhere and from any computers. You can configure automatic backups to perform backups on daily basis; other options are also available like hourly basis backup.

It provides double encryption and redundant storage all files are sent via SSL connection and the Carbonite team members cannot see your files making your data extremely secure.


  • Five-Year Subscription for $199.95
  • Three-Year Subscription for $129.95
  • Two-Year Subscription for $99.95
  • One-Year Subscription for $54.95

Carbonite is a very good backup option for those who need remote access to their files and unlimited storage in a very reasonable price which is less than $5 per month (yearly subscription). It is also good for lazy people who forget to back up their data manually: totally automatic.

4. SugarSync

Quick look

  • Remote access
  • Supports Mac and Windows
  • Customer Phone Support
  • Sync as many computers as you want
  • 30 Days Free Trail. Pro Packages starting from $4.99 / Month

SugarSync is a great way to store, share, and mobilize your files and data. It really is a comprehensive solution for online storage, online file sharing/collaboration, and multiple computer syncing.

SugarSync offers features of backup, sync, sharing files and remote access to your data from anywhere where internet is available. Apart from these, it offers very interesting advance features. It is very simple but powerful tool. You just have to select files to sync then you can take rest: now its responsibility of SugarSync to do what you have suggested it to do. You can share your files with family, friends and co-workers. SugarSync runs in background and is fully automatic.


SugarSync offer its services as low as $4.99/month. It has the following Complete Tariff Plan.

SugarSync offers very flexible sharing, it mobilize your files and data. You can access your data not only from your computer but from anywhere in the world using internet and your cell phones. You can send a secure link of your files to friend or co-worker: no need to attach documents in email or other portable media. It saves five previous versions of file so you can easily revert them if needed.

5. IDrive

Quick Look

  • Keeps deleted files for 30 days for free
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Works behind firewalls
  • Saves up to 30 versions of file
  • 2GB Free, Pro Plans Starting from $4.95/month

IDrive offers everything you will want to see in an online backup service. Using IDrive you can manage your multiple accounts through a single account. You can set it to work through a connection via proxy connection also. When you install IDrive for the first time, a default selection of most commonly backed up data including Documents, Pictures and Videos is created with a random after hours schedule. You can customize the selection and schedule afterwards. It automatically recognizes the modified parts of files or folders and backs then up after every 10 minutes. IDrive performs reliable backups of pen/locked files like Outlook files, QuickBooks, MS-Excel and others. You can drag-n-drop files for restore from your online drive to the local system.


IDrive provide 2GB for free and in case you need more storage space then you can upgrade to Pro version. The tariff of IDrive Pro is as follows

IDrive retains and allows you to restore the last 30 versions of a file and the old version are stored of free means it will not cost you your purchased web space. You can login via any browser to your account to access the data, restore data and view log reports. IDrive uses enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers, 256-bit AES encryption on storage with a user defined key. That key is not stored anywhere on IDrive servers. It transfers only modified files which can be very handy if you don't have unlimited bandwidth connection.

That is all for this review. You feedback, comments, suggestions are always welcome and it is a way for us to know what are our weak points and loopholes.

Which application do you use for backing up your data?


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