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Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine

The Big iPhone App Giveaway

Posted: 23 Apr 2010 08:54 AM PDT

This series is supported by Appboy – the most popular social outlet for mobile app lovers. Find out more about Appboy and be sure to check out their blog.

Are you ready to complete your collection of cool iPhone & iPod Touch apps with fresh gems from members of the Appboy developer community? Check out the apps below, pick out the ones you like and enter the giveaway!!!

BDD by Büro Destruct

You might not be an artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Create interesting abstract pieces on your iPhone with Büro Destruct Designer. Shake your phone to create a random pattern, draw, erase, resize, CREATE!

goSnapPhoto by Widemouth

goSnapPhoto is a fun and easy to use app for your iPhone. Take your favorite pictures, add text, draw crazy features, just plain have fun. Once you’re done, save your pictures, email them, upload to Facebook, or just share them on your phone.

iSpy – Kids Travel Game by MicroApps

If you’ve ever been in a car with a child, chances are that somewhere along the line you’ve played I spy. iSpy takes the original game and adds a little twist, you’re provided with an image and must find something in the real world around you to match. Up to four players can participate and keep score to see who has the sharpest eyes. Keep your kids, big or small, entertained on your next road trip.

Naturescapes by Decluttered Mind

Naturescapes is a collection of beautiful, top quality wallpapers. Keep the look of your iPhone fresh with this collection of amazing pictures.

Quote Portal by Decluttered Mind

Enjoy great quotes, be inspired, share with the world. 13 Categories, easy navigation, daily quotes, multiple ways to browse. Find your inspiration through voices from the past.

The Rescue of Ginger by Lyn & Line LLC

The Rescue of Ginger is an original 20 page interactive story for children, featuring rich, hand drawn illustrations along with original music designed for kids 2 to 5 years old. The story’s two heroes need your child’s help to find Ginger the cat and bring her home safe and sound.

Birthday Reminders by bitrzr

How’s your memory? Do you tend to forget birthdays of your friends and family? Not anymore. With Birthday Reminders, you can organize the birthday information for all of your existing iPhone contacts. Configure push notifications to receive a notice when it’s someone’s birthday. Remember those important dates and others will love you for it!

Contact Date by Pasquale D’Orsi

Keeping track of your contacts can be difficult, especially as the numbers add up. When did you meet that important business contact. Give some context to your address book with Contact Date. Add date and time information to the new contacts in your database and keep track of important call information as well.

Ultimate Password Manager by Jean-Francois Martin

Ultimate Password Manager is a great utility for creating secure passwords for your online logins and then storing that information. Don’t use the same password everywhere you go, instead use this app to generate a unique password and remember them for you. Simple!

Swip by Mindwarm Incorporated

Swap contacts peer-to-peer over wi-fi, Bluetooth, or email. Individually or as a group, Swip is the premium peer-to-peer contact exchange app.

SwipEmail by Mindwarm Incorporated

The same peer-to-peer contact sharing as Swip, but designed specifically for email. Swaps are time and location stamped so you can remember where and when you’ve shared contacts.

Cardinal by assn dot ca inc.

Listening to a great song on your phone and feel like sharing it? Cardinal makes it easy. Spread the music love to Facebook and Twitter without having to pause what you’re playing right now. This app allows you to quickly tell your followers and friends what’s working for you at the moment.

iWink by MicroApps

Not sure how to get the attention of that girl across the bar? How about using an app? iWink lets the shy show someone their interest simply by holding up their phone. Sure it’s cheesy, but it just might work.

AlarmMusic by MicroApps

Wake up to any song, podcast or audiobook in your library. All of the best features of an alarm clock with the ability to let you pick your wake up music. Warning: The app must be open in order for the alarm to be heard (at least for now, hopefully multitasking with iPhone OS 4.0 will open things up).

Run. by Pasquale D’Orsi

Keep track of your exercise with Run. This app allows you keep track of the important details for every run you do.

Bike by Pasquale D’Orsi

More into biking than running? No problem. Bike features the same brand of exercise tracking, but tailored for those who are on two wheels. From GPS tracking to time and location information, this great app helps you ensure you’re getting better.

Kamikaze Race by TastyPlay

Your brakes are shot, the accelerator’s jammed and you’re in the middle of rush hour traffic. How long can you survive? Kamikaze race is a fast paced racing game designed that will test your resolve to live.

Enter to Win

It’s super easy to enter the giveaway and win one of the apps above:

  • follow @appboy on Twitter
  • become a fan of the Appboy Facebook page
  • tweet this: Enter the Big iPhone App Giveaway from @appboy & @inspiredmag
  • tell us in the comments on this post which app you’d like if you win

While you’re checking out these apps, keep your eyes open for other favorites (or future favorites) that you can find on Appboy. Use the Facebook recommend buttons throughout the site to share content with your friends and spread the love around.

That’s it! The winners will be randomly chosen and announced here on Monday. Good luck everybody!

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