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Thursday, June 10, 2010



25 Handy Tools To Paste And Share Your Code Snippets

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 02:00 PM PDT

Pastebins are web applications that allow users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing. They are used very often in IRC channels, social networking sites, blogs etc. Users can paste source codes in a pastebin and share the URL for others to view.

You can find a vast number of pastebins on the World Wide Web. Most of them have a common set of features. But some of them have added features that are better than the others. We bring you some of the best pastebin tools so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

1. CodeTidy – This pastebin allows you to paste any snippets of text to a URL and easily share it with your friends. It also enables you to encrypt the code with a password so as to keep your code private. In addition to this, it also provides archiving and syntax highlighting.


2. Ideone – Ideone is not just a patebin but also an online compiler and debugging tool. It allows you to compile and run the code online. It supports more than 40 programming languages. It also provides easy sharing features, archiving & syntax highlighting. However, it does not support password encryption.


3. Pastebin.com – Pastebin.com enables you to host your texts and codes on dedicated servers for easy sharing. In addition to this, it enables you to determine the expiration date of the code, provides syntax highlighting & archiving and automatically assigns sub-domains. This pastebin too does not support password encryption.


4. Mystic Paste – Mystic Paste is an open source pastebin that enables easy sharing of your codes. It allows you to post your code on twitter and also comment on other pastes. It also provides multiple plugins and 3rd party tools.

Mystic Paste

5. TinyPaste – TinyPaste enables you to easily host your text & codes and also earn money from your pastes. It pays you for every unique user that visits your paste. It enables password encryption, syntax highlighting, archiving and also sub-domains. It also enables you to compile the code. TinyPaste provides an API and certain 3rd party tools.


6. Paste HTML – Paste HTML enables you to paste HTML code, Plain text as well as Markdown. It can be used as an anonymous web host to host HTML pages. This pastebin is specially designed for HTML codes.

Paste HTML

7. codepad – codepad is an online compiler that enables you to run your code as well as share it with your friends. It provides syntax highlighting and also enables you to keep your code private. However, it does not support password encryption. It currently supports 13 major programming languages.


8. MathBin – MathBin enables you to quickly post mathematical equations. It uses simple LaTeX formatting to render your equation as images. This tool comes in handy for quickly posting mathematics and physics problems for others to view.


9. Snipplr – Snipplr is a public source code repository that enables you to store and share your code snippets. It allows syntax highlighting as well as archiving. You must register with Snipplr to start pasting your code snippets.


10. Code Upload – Code Upload is a free and open source pastebin to share your code with others. Some of it’s features include syntax highlighting, archiving and password protection.

11. PASTE – PASTE enables you to paste your source codes and general debugging text. It allows you to specify the expiration time for the code and also set password for your pastes.


12. Gist – GitHub – Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. Among its various features are syntax highlighting, archiving, private pastes etc. All Gists (pastes) are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as a git repository.

Gist - GitHub

13. Codetrunk – Codetrunk is an open source snippet sharing tool. Codetrunk enables syntax highlighting, commenting, revising and archiving. It automatically creates sub-domains for each pastes (trunks).


14. PasteSite – PasteSite enables you to submit snippets of code which can then be viewed from the website with syntax highlighting. PasteSite enables you to keep your pastes private and also protect it with a password. It also enables you to sign up so as to keep track and also delete your pastes.


15. pzt.me – pzt.me is a multi-purpose pastebin for sharing snippets of text, images, videos and URL’s over miscellaneous sharing and micro blogging media. It enables you to embed videos from popular video streaming sites like YouTube, DailyMotion,Vimeo etc. It can also be used as a URL shortener.

16. Snipt.org – Snipt provides you an easy way to share your source code on micro blogging sites like twitter. Some of it’s features include syntax highlighting, archiving and private snipts. Snipt Box enables you to retrieve your snipts by simply using your twitter username.


17. Clippy – Clippy is a free NoPaste service that provides you with various features such as password protection, syntax highlighting, antispam filters and sub-domains. It currently supports more than 50 programming languages.

18. bin.z80.us – This is an extremely basic implementation of a pastebin. It is very simple and easy-to-use. The interface contains only a text box and a paste button.


19. dpaste – dpaste is a tool for quickly sharing pieces of code with multiple people. It was originally created by Django programmers to use on the #django IRC channel. It provides syntax highlighting and archiving. However, it supports only a few programming languages.


20. Slexy – Slexy is a powerful and slick pastebin designed with the user in mind. It allows you to add tabs within pastes, save preferences and paste via CLI/terminal (using PastebinIt). It also enables you to set the paste expiration, highlight the code syntax and make your pastes private.


21. Paste-It – Paste-It is a simple and easy-to-use pastebin. Some of it’s features are private pastes, paste expiration time and syntax highlighting. It also provides Firefox and Chrome plugins for easy pasting.


22. PasteBin.BJETDesign.com – This is another simple and easy-to-use pastebin. It is similar to bin.z80.us. It has a simple interface. However, this pastebin provides an additional feature of syntax highlighting compared to bin.80.us.


23. YourPaste – YourPaste enables you to paste texts, quotes and programming codes. It enables you to highlight the code syntax, make private posts and also set the expiration time.

24. pastebin.ca – pastebin.ca is an open source pastebin tool. It enables you to paste and share your code easily. Some of it’s features include code syntax highlighting, archiving, password protection and sub-domains. It also enables you to set the expiration time and comment on pastes.

25. Pastie – Pastie is another pastebin with the most common pastebin features like syntax highlighting, archiving and private posts. It supports most of the major programming languages.


Dominate Your Website Host: Free Monitoring Services

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 03:00 AM PDT

Have you ever seen a web host that don’t claims 99.99% up time guarantee? With so much experience with several leading web hosts of industry, what I have realized is that most of them have sub standard services.

Today I am going to tell you my bad experience with one of the leading web hosts of Industry, Dreamhost. After starting with them, I was very happy with their shared servers but things went bad when I moved to Dreamhost PS. My personal tech blog was having so much down times that uptime went to 94% in just 2 weeks and to even surprise you more, it happened after moving to Dreamhost Personal Servers (which are designed to handle big traffic, at least is their words). After so many ticket queries and live chat, there was no solution hence I decided to move to a new web host as Crispy Tech needed a personal server for its traffic.

If you want to keep an eye on your web host, Its very necessary that you use a website monitoring service which notifies you when your website goes down.

Today we have come up with best free website monitoring services which help you to monitor your website. It was easy for me to write an article with 20 website monitoring services but I have only included the best ones which we have actually used before.  So let’s start.

1. Uptime Robot

A Quick Look

  • Price: Free
  • Number of Sites You can monitor: 50
  • Notification Methods: RSS, Twitter, Email, SMS
  • Time Interval for each check: 5 Minutes
  • Simple yet effective

Uptime robot is one of the finest and completely free website monitoring services. Co Founded by Umut Muhaddisoglu of WebResourcesDepot, Uptime Robot is our personal choice for monitoring on 1stWD.

The monitoring service has no Premium Plans and their free services are more than enough for any web developer. You can monitor 50 websites for free with options of getting notified with:

  • Twitter DM
  • RSS
  • Email
  • SMS.

Pretty awesome. Right?

Uptime Robot checks your website with regular interval of 5 minutes.

In a talk with Umut, he assured us that Uptime Robot will be free till September 2010 and then they will introduce premium plans (In case if they are unable to continue Free Plan) but free plan will still be there with some modifications.  Although the web app is not feature enriched but Its awesome for those who just want the work done with out whistles and bells.

One thing you will fall in love with is the completely Ajaxed interface of Uptime Robot. After signing up, just play with different areas of website and you will enjoy the experience.:)

Missing Features:

We would love to see better support for SMS notifications in UpTime Robot. While writing this review, SMS notifications are not supported World Wide. Another awesome feature would be iPhone/ Android App.

2. Pingdom

A Quick Look

  • Price: From Free to 39$/month
  • Number of Sites You can monitor: 1 for free
  • Notification Methods: RSS, Twitter, Email, SMS
  • Time Interval for each check: From 1 Minute to changeable

Pingdom is by far the most comprehensive and enterprise solution for website monitoring services. With all those nifty and expensive plans they also provide the option of a free website monitoring plan which allows you to monitor one website for free.

Pingdom is the biggest guy in thr world of website monitoring services with customers ranging from of Alexa to Mashable.

Pingdom is feature enriched and has its own free iPhone app. With support of Response time tracking, you can also check how your server reponds when it experiences traffic load.

3. Zabbix

Quick Look:

  • Self Hosted Solution
  • Open Source
  • Free

If you are a big fan of Open Source softwares then Zabbix is for you. Its completely free and licensed under GPL v2 which means you are free to do modifications in the core software and pass it on. There are no proprietary restrictions on you.

Zabbix is such a comprehensive tool that a book has been written on it which covers all of its features. There is no pre-hosted version and you will have to install it yourself after downloading it. The tool is pretty complex and I only suggest it for Advanced users.

4. Basic State

A Quick Look

  • Price: Free
  • Number of Sites You can monitor: Unlimited
  • Notification Methods: Email, SMS
  • Time Interval for each check: From 1 Minute to changeable

With support of email and SMS notifications, Zabbix is another completely free web monitoring service. You can have unlimited monitors active with Basic state. The web app checks your website’s header with regular intervals of 15 Minutes. Though the home page of basicstate don’t gives a professional look but I have personally tested and was using it before I came to know Uptime Robot.

5. 100 Pulse

A Quick Look

  • Price: Free/ Premium Plans
  • Number of Sites You can monitor: 2 Websites for Free
  • Notification Methods: Email, SMS, Twitter, iGoogle Gadget
  • Time Interval for each check: 15 Minutes

100Pulse is another free website monitoring service which comes with an inituitive user interface. The free plan allows you to monitor the status of  two web properties and you will be notified using Twitter, Email and SMS. They also have an option of Google Widget which you can set up on your desktop or iGoogle.

I hope that you liked the article. Which web service do you use for website monitoring? Feel free to share it with us.


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