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Monday, June 21, 2010

Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine

Be Inspired! (By Everything) 01

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 06:21 AM PDT

Craig Baldwin is a recently graduated graphic design student at the Winchester School of Art with a keen interest in print and publishing as well as blogging and web design.

Be inspired is all about finding the best design inspiration out there and bringing it all together and giving it a context, these posts are a slight evolution on the ones I originally started on my Blog and given the chance I have happily given it a new home on Inspired Magazine.

You’ll find all sorts in these posts from print design to animation and anything and everything in between, hence the title, be inspired by everything.

OK Go – End Love

OK Go continue their run of amazing music videos (having already made videos such as the treadmill and their own rube goldberg machine video). This one blends live action, time lapse, stop motion and slow motion and spans more than a week. If you’re wondering about the Goose near the end, it has its own Facebook page.

YES – The Hi-Fi

Illustrations produced by art studio YES for the indie rock band The Stands and featured on their album ‘Horse Fabulous’, a limited number of screen-prints were also hand-printed. Simple, colourful and bold.

Levis (Akzo Nobel) Advert

Street advertising installation by Belgium studio King George for paint company Levis (Akzo Nobel).

Space 150 v25 Business Cards

Space150 is an unusual creative company in that it redesigns its own identity every 150 days. This is the 25th iteration of their branding designed by Evan Nagan and explores the collaboration and idea making that Space150 designers undertake. Go here to learn more about the process behind the cards. I really love the colours in the gradient on the edge.

Balsam Studio Portfolio

I found this after reading this post which looks at creating stunning portfolios and uses Balsam’s portfolio as an example and I can understand why however I can’t see this being very easy to update with new work. Still, lovely layout and colour.

Emma McNally

Graphite on paper is an unusual abstract illustration and sort of reminds of those sort of drawings you’d get in Sci-Fi’s when they try to be technical.

King Kong on Santa Monic Beach

This advertising stunt was the idea of advertising agency David&Goliath for Universal Studio’s new King Kong 3D attraction at the nearby theme park. Really like the crushed car as well, must have been fun to play with on the beach when they were finished with it.

I Like Smoothie Packaging

Designed by Vgrafiks these charming little smoothie bottles show fruit having fun in their prime…before they were blended into a tasty drink.

Stephen Chan

Part of the Tiger Translate project founded by the Asian beer of the same name, Stephen Chan’s interpretation of ‘Metropolis’ forms half of the overall cityscape, it will be nice to see the finished piece and see what joins the stark black and white landscape.

Manual – Apple

Manual Creative designed this poster to celebrate 10 years of the Apple Online Store, the poster features 3,650 mouse pointers to represent each day the store has been open.

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