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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Inspired Magazine

The Best iPad Apps for Creatives for $0.99 or Less

Posted: 22 Jun 2010 05:00 AM PDT

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A few weeks ago I posted a list of 10 Must Have iPad apps for designers. The iPad truly is a great device for creative types, everything from photography to graphic design to writing, as well as just to help you keep organized.

In response to my last post I received some positive feedback, but there was also some question as to what was available for those on a budget. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve slowly been compiling a list of 10 apps for the iPad that are each $0.99 or less. With so many people in the web industry working for themselves, either freelancing or running their own small company, funds can sometimes be tight, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have great apps to help you with your work.

Photo Effects HD – $0.99

A simple photo editing and manipulation app, Photo Effects HD allows you to deal with your photos on the go. Recently get a great shot, but don’t have time to make a few edits before getting it in front of someone you were hoping to show it to? Make the edits on your iPad and make a big impression with your presentation.

Adobe Ideas – Free

I know, this was included in the last post as well, but it is free and I thought it warranted mention here as well. The graphic design and web community are certainly more than familiar with Adobe and the quality that is associated with the brand. Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook for your drawing on the go.

Sorted – $0.99

When you’re busy, it can be really difficult to keep track of all the little tasks. Whether you’ve got to manage your shopping list or a to do list for a particular client, Sorted can help. The interface is nice and clean, navigation through lists is familiar, and the whole app is generally simple to use.

Dropbox – Free

Simply stated, Dropbox is a great way to sync your files across multiple devices or online. The app requires a Dropbox account, you can get up to 2GB of storage for free, which will be enough to get you started. If you’re dealing with a lot of files, you will likely require more, but the service is well worth the price tag and the app itself is free!

LiveSketch HD – $0.99

Create pencil sketches on your iPad with LiveSketch HD. Your finger is the pencil, your iPad the paper, check out this video that shows a demo of the app in use.

Evernote – Free

How’s your memory? Mine seems to get worse all the time, I’ve tried memory by association and it works okay, but Evernote is better. Any quick thought, image or audio clip can quickly be saved for future reference using Evernote, now available for your iPad. The service requires an online account and is available for free with a premium service also available for $5 per month.

Calc + Draw – $0.99

Sometimes you just need a calculator and a note pad to work things out. Well, as long as you’ve got your iPad handy (which I’m sure you do), Calc & Draw is just the right solution. The app allows you to make notes, doodles, etc and has a calculator that you can move around on the screen to get it out of your way. Run your quick quote calculations, divide a bill, or just do some random algebra equations, whatever you like.

Camera for iPad – $0.99

The iPad doesn’t have a camera, but your iPhone does. Sure the quality isn’t that great, but it’s better than nothing. Camera for iPad allows you to connect your iPhone and iPad wirelessly and from there use the lens on your iPhone as a camera for your iPad. With the new iPhone 4 coming, the pictures are going to get better, check out these shots taken using the new iPhone.

PhotoPad – Free

ZAGG, makers of the invisibleSHIELD, have released a photo editing app. It’s free, they’re promising regular updates with new functionality and it works. Eventually you’ll be able to order skins for your mobile device directly from the app (if you’re into that), but right now PhotoPad is a free functional photo editor, so that’s cool.

Night Stand HD – $0.99

The iPad doesn’t have a built in clock? Well, remedy that issue with this elegant clock app. Alarms, world clock display with up to 6 locations, iPod integration and more. Whether you use Night Stand HD as an alarm clock or a desk clock, it works great and has received many positive accolades. Keep track of time and never be late for an appointment again.

Well there you have it, I know some of these apps are not strictly for creatives, but they all apply. What are your favorite apps for under $1?

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